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Who is Yami Cabrera?

Yami Cabrera is a Cuban Musicologist and Professional Writer who independently specializes in different issues involving music, teaching, criticism, and research.

Cabrera has vast and extensive musical training, and five years ago, she became my Bachelor of Musicology from the University of the Arts of Cuba, ISA. Music is her great passion.

"My mission is to share my knowledge with anyone interested, through classes, advice, and articles. I have also developed my knowledge of the English language, so I can help with any translation you need to do into Spanish".
-Yami Cabrera, musicologist.

Since 2013 she has worked as a music teacher in a different state and private music schools in Havana (Cuba) and, most recently, Colorado (United States). In 2017 she started as a musicologist and researcher at the Cuban Music Research and Development Center. When she was in this institution, she could write and publish some Cuban music research, translate some documents from English to Spanish, etc.

Since 2019 Yami has been part of Havana Music Tours and Musical Getaways, two cultural travel agencies to countries like Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Iceland, the United States, and Spain. Her role in these agencies is balanced between Network Administration and Business Development.

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